Fort Lauderdale Opossum Trapping: How To Trap an Opossum

Trapping a Florida opossum is the best and most effective way to get rid of this animal. Using a live trap is one common method, and it is more humane than killing the animal. It is important to note that many communities discourage killing or shooting opossums as they are still part of the wildlife ecosystem.

Here are a few tips and techniques on how to use a live trap.
Place the trap where the Fort Lauderdale opossum are likely to pass Set the trap near the suspected area where the animal gathers. They are most commonly seen on the lawn, near the base of a fence where they create burrows, or under the house foundation where there is an opening. In setting the trap, make sure that the rear end is facing a secluded metal or heavy-duty wood as the opossum may dig its way out. If the trap is set in an open space, it is more likely for the animal to get away easily. Common live traps are available in the supermarket or hardware stores. Make sure you follow the manufacturer's instructions in setting the trap.

Setting the trap
Opossums are nocturnal animals, so it is better to set the trap before nighttime. Setting the trap during this time also avoids non-nocturnal animals like house pets getting into it. Live cage traps are designed differently. However, the most common is one opening at one end with a trigger that is twisted once the animal steps in. You can place a small ball inside the cage for the opossum to vent out its frustration once it's inside the cage, and it will tire eventually, making it easier to release later. Put bait inside the trap to lure the animal inside. You can use fruits, berries, some raw egg, peanut butter, or a piece of fish to attract the Fort Lauderdale opossum.

Monitor the trap
Watch the live trap for any movement. If you decide that it is placed in a wrong location, relocate the trap to make sure that your effort is successful. Once the trap captures the animal, move it to another spot and cover it with a rag or tarp. Keep it there until you are ready to release it or until the animal control arrives to pick it up. When moving the cage, put on some rubber gloves to keep yourself safe from the animal that might scratch you.

Release the animal
Be careful when releasing the animal. You can contact the wildlife and conservation professional to assist you in doing this. If you decide to do this alone, make sure that the animal is exhausted enough before you release it as it may jump onto you and scratch you. Release the animal far from the house. The Florida opossum has a very sensitive and active sense of smell and it can always find its way back to the place where it finds food. Opossums are wildlife animals, so it is better to release them into the woods or in a place where there is enough vegetation. Do not kill the animal.

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